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Is American Contractors licensed and insured?

How long has American Contractors been in business?

What type of services does American Contractors provide?

What are American Contractors rates for services?

What is the best time of year to do asphalt paving?

How does American Contractors schedule their work?

How long will asphalt paving work take?

How long before we can drive on a newly asphalted driveway?

When is payment due for asphalt driveways?

Do we need to be at home when asphalt paving work is being done?

What is the standard depth of asphalt paving needed?

Does American Contractors provide any milling services?

Does American Contractors provide snow removal services?

How much do snow removal services cost?

When is payment due for asphalt driveways?

American Contractors requires one-third deposit to start the asphalt paving work. The remaining amount due is payable at the completion of the job. American Contractors cautions the consumer to beware of any business charging significantly larger deposits before starting work.